Growing up, my family never really had an abundance of savings or high-value assets, but we had a wealth of love for one another that was immeasurable. My parents had neither prestigious degrees nor notable academic achievements, but I have learned more from them than any college professor.

One lesson that I learned is that when we depart this earth, we leave behind so much more than a bank account or insurance policy—our memories are not built from the money we leave to our loved ones. They are ingrained deep in our minds, fading as we become preoccupied with our busy lives.

I also learned that greed is a formidable force and can shatter trust and civility in an instant. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a “hand-shake” society. We can no longer rest easy on the words of our friends whom with we’ve decided to do business.

These lessons and experiences have taught me to be proactive and creative with planning for myself. I am happy to discuss all of my degrees and academic accomplishments with you, but I don’t think this defines me as an individual or predicts how devoted I am in guiding you, your business and your family in protecting the most important aspects of your life.