Estate Planning

Estate Planning is Not a Near Death Experience

Estate planning at Yamani Law starts with discussing your family’s values, as well as reviewing your assets and objectives. This is not a process that you begin after an accident or near death experience. Estate planning is a process you begin as soon as you start accumulating assets.

We offer a flat fee for estate planning, and varying levels depending on how extensive your plan. Unlike the plans you can create yourself online, our services create a customized plan that takes into account your individual situation, your assets, and your future goals. If something happens to you, our estate planning documents will be a place that your family can turn to for guidance and next steps.

Customized Estate Planning Services

Our approach is customized and personalized for every client. We educate our clients and are proactive in our approach – we determine your needs, desires, and values, and then tailor a plan that fulfills your expectations.

We offer estate planning services for families in all life stages:

  • Blended families with varying goals and objectives
  • Estate executors and beneficiaries navigating probate on your behalf
  • Families with special needs (children and adults)
  • Family business owners in need of succession planning
  • High net worth families that seek tax strategies
  • Parents and single parents seeking protection for dependents;
  • Unmarried couples formalizing or dissolving relationships

To get started, schedule a Life and Legacy Session.

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