Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection is Not a DIY Exercise

As your business grows and others begin to see your success, it will be vital for the success of your company and your family to ensure your assets are properly protected.

As an estate planning attorney, Yamani Law can work with you on a flat fee basis to develop a customized asset protection plan for you.

Asset protection planning is a proactive legal strategy that protects your assets from future creditors, divorce, lawsuits or judgments.

Asset protection plans involve a series of legal and lawful techniques that can help deter a lawsuit. Most importantly, it can prevent the seizure of your assets in the case of a judgment.

Customized Asset Protection Plans Work

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their asset protection plan is executed thoroughly and completely. We educate our clients and we discuss your individual needs, desires, and values, so we can tailor a plan that accomplishes your objectives for your business and your family. We can service your whole family and multiple generations of your family.

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